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Claim your FREE easy to remember host names for your home, Raspberry Pi, IOT, project or anything you can think of today!

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We are currently in a live BETA phase.

We are happy for you to try our service but please let us know if you notice any problems. We will never charge for this service!

Our Service

We give your internet connection an easy to remember DNS name to use instead of hard to remember number that can change.

For example, your internet IP address can become or

What can I do with a NameMyPi name?

  • Host websites using a Raspberry Pi, ASUS Tinker board or other server at home.
  • Access your Raspberry Pi or server from anywhere.
  • Access an internet connected webcam for home security etc.
  • and much more....


  • 100% FREE to use, forever
  • Selection of high level domains to choose from
  • Reliable DNS servers hosted in a real datacenter
  • Geographically separated name servers
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Simple API which can be called from an Raspberry Pi, or other single board computer/server and even some routers
  • 5 x DNS names per account (using any combination of high level domains).
  • Choice of 10 x host name domains to chose from - so you are sure to find your perfect host name!
  • Independent monitoring servers, checking DNS response times, availability and accuracy to ensure we deliver a premium service.
  • ipv6 support coming very soon
  • Did we mention that our service is completely free, and always will be?